Alpine Assistant Coach - U19 and U16 (2) Positions

ALPINE PROGRAMS · Norden, California
Employment Type Seasonal - Full Time
Minimum Experience Experienced
Compensation DOE

Alpine Assistant Coach - U19 

Seasonal Full-time, Nov 2021 -  Apr 2022

Location: Norden, CA & Domestic/International Travel



Job Title: Alpine Assistant Coach


Reports To:   SBSTA Director of Alpine Programs and Alpine Head Coach

SBSTA Mission: Sugar Bowl Ski Team & Academy is a community dedicated to providing passionate skiers the opportunity to pursue athletic dreams, academic excellence, and personal growth while celebrating grit, grace, and courage. 

SBSTA Vision: To be the recognized gold standard for ski teams and ski academies. SBSTA Values and Strategic Plan 

Position Overview:  The U19 Alpine coach impacts both the SBSTA community and the athlete in a positive manner resulting in the improvement of both as the organization moves toward realizing it’s vision. 



  • There are many stakeholders in a community like ours: Say what you plan to do, say how you’re going to do it, do what you plan to do. As plans change, communicate early and often. Frequent, specific information is best.
  • Responsible for learning and using SBSTA’s communication methods: ParentSquare emails, texts, etc.
    • Action: With the Director of Alpine Programs and Head coach, plan frequent, consistent and widespread communication: Daily, Weekly, Monthly.
  • Use high engagement periods of time to your advantage (Opening Day, Parents Weekend, Community Events, etc.)
  • Communicate the long and short-term plans - keep people in the loop.
  • Work with each individual to determine the best way to reach them, keeping in mind the most effective way to deliver your message is face-to-face.
    • Action: Use SBSTA Alpine Goal Setting sheet throughout the year to maintain clarity with athletes and families .

Commitment to the Craft of Alpine Ski Coaching: 

  • Move all athletes in the direction of their top performance, which is often down the road; prioritize long-term development over short-term success.
  • Set the bar high, then support the athlete to get there - talk up, rather than down - we build athletes and people.
  • Use all environments available to improve each athlete’s skiing - results at the younger age groups does not correlate to long-term success; passion, fundamentals and athleticism does
  • Treat each athlete as an individual; plan for them and coach to the athlete, rather than the group.
  • Apply for SBSTA professional development support to improve yourself as a coach - USSA clinics, etc.
    • Action: Meet with the Director of Alpine Programs 3x yearly for coach evaluation and feedback.
    • Action: With the Director of Alpine Programs, through a mentoring program, plan time with others on staff - or outside of our staff - to develop yourself professionally.

Advanced Planning and Preparation:  

  • Plan and budget race travel trips / camps ahead of departure to best manage: cost, impact on academics, performance potential, energy levels, community and team dynamics.
  • Manage a monthly expense report and follow business office policies and procedures for accountability.
  • Create training plans that effectively periodize athlete development - rest, train, race - understanding that goals are beyond performance in the next race.
  • Communicate your plans and prep ahead of time; nothing matters if you don’t communicate it in a timely manner.

Mental Training:  

  • Work with the Director of Alpine Programs to provide introductory programming to the athletes in allotted time slots.
  • Plan and execute programming on and off snow; program is simple to understand and progressive through prep period.
  • Act in the best interest of athlete development and determine what additional needs exist.
  • Use outside additional resources to supplement what we as coaches can provide.


  • Monitor athlete behavior on and off the hill to adhere to policies as outlined in Student-Athlete Handbook; accountability to the SBA Honor Code.
  • Monitor Staff behavior on and off the hill to adhere to policies as outlined in SBSTA Employee Handbook.
  • Adhere to Work Safety practices, Vehicle and Technology policies as presented in the SBSTA Employee Handbook.  
  • Use your best judgement as an expert to ensure the safety of athletes on the hill.

Support for Academics: 

  • Act in support of the academic endeavors of athletes, staff and families.
  • Work with athletes to assess time and support needed to be academically successful. They might need time away from training and racing to maintain academic standing.
  • Coordinate with SBA staff to ensure a balance supporting both athletic and academic programs.

Strength and Conditioning: 

  • Work with the Director of Athletic Performance to cover staffing needs and to become appropriately educated as to programming theory, weekly execution and daily coaching cues - at home and on the road.
  • Staffing schedule is built by the Director of Athletic Performance in conjunction with the alpine director.
  • Be responsible to find coverage and communicate changes to the Director of Athletic Performance.
  • Be an active member of the staff; coach the athletes and they will respond. Resist the urge to simply watch.


  • Spring: Work with athletes and families to secure appropriate equipment for the following season; delivery and set-up prior to the first prep camp.
  • Summer: Ensure equipment is set-up properly and aiding athlete development rather than hindering.
  • Fall: Ensure a quiver of equipment is set-up and ready to go for the competition period.
  • Winter: Check boot and ski set-up consistently during periods of heavy travel and variable snow conditions.
  • Be responsible for the custody and care of the equipment you are provided by SBSTA, including but not limited to: Uniform jackets, radios, chargers, timers, video equipment, gates, brushes, vehicles, tow hitches, etc.


  • Guide the culture within the community to ensure we are true to our mission, values and vision.
  • Engage with athletes, parents and SBSTA community - many have grown up in this community.
  • Work with the people supporting the organization; your impact is felt across everything SBSTA does.
  • Be present and engaged during non-coaching responsibilities: dorm duty, staff meetings, admissions, discipline, XeD, orientation, community events.
  • Work with the people supporting each athlete: parents, teachers, families, friends, extended community.
  • Work with the team of coaches to deliver for the athletes: find pace in house, support on the road; we are one team, not a field of silos. Communicate often and ahead of time to allow for others to plan too.
  • Work within the greater SBC community to build positive relationships that aid our efforts on the mountain: management, lifties, ski patrol, ski school, race crew, food and beverage, snow surface, homeowners.


Physical Requirements:

  • Must be able to sit for extended periods of time. 
  • Must be able to stand for extended periods of time. 
  • Ability to look at a computer screen for extended periods of time. 
  • Ability to maintain a composed and professional demeanor within a flexible work environment. 
  • Must be able to travel extensively both domestically and internationally utilizing various transportation methods.

Job Requirements:  

  • Previous experience ski racing and/or ski coaching.
  • Current US Ski and Snowboard membership.
  • US Ski and Snowboard coaching certifications are recommended.
  • College degree preferred, or equivalent experience.  
  • Strong computer and email skills, including knowledge of Google Workplace (Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Meets.) 
  • Comfortable with team-based work structure; ability to demonstrate flexibility on the job. 
  • Top notch communication skills – verbal, written, and visual – that can be shared with a wide variety of ages and stakeholders while remaining clear, concise and diplomatic. 
  • Demonstrates initiative, is conscientious and provides complete follow-through on areas of responsibility. 
  • Strong passion for SBSTA’s core sports and the mission of the organization.


Employee Conduct & Expectations

It is the responsibility of every SBSTA employee to contribute to a positive work environment through cooperative and professional interactions with co-workers, athletes, parents, vendors and community stakeholders.

As a condition of employment all SBSTA employees must pass a State of California fingerprinting background check via Livescan and complete a Safesport Training course.

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